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Hey...WELCOME to Chi Alpha! Let's get connected!

Chi Alpha is ALL about relationships that make a difference! 

As a student at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, here are a few steps to get that going. 

Email: We send out a weekly "What's Happening", it comes from, so check if it gets stuck in some nasty dark spam folder. :) Sign up with your BEST most checked email. A CONFIRMATION email will be sent.

FACEBOOK: We have a closed Facebook Group for current Rutgers students. This is a great current place to chat back and forth, event sign-ups, see faces, and also to connect via messenger. This group for for the "up-to-the-second" what's happening, so turn on notifications, if you are on a cell phone look for the coffee cup logo:).

INSTAGRAM: Follow us and we will follow back :). Most event happenings are posted here on a regular basis. @rutgerschialpha

TWITTER: @rutgerschialpha

TEXT: Send a text to 732.232.7795. 


We also have a Facebook Page that is"liked" by people in Chi Alpha and those who are interested in the happenings of Chi Alpha without being a student.

Smoke Signals: Now admittedly not a lot of people use this way anymore....but when on campus, keep looking up to the sky in case something is posted. PS...this doesn't really work at night though.