All donations are tax-deductible and able to be processed as missions giving credit for certain denominational churches.

Please contact: Brian Adams - Director, Rutgers Chi Alpha   732.232.7795   brian@rutgerschialpha.com

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Electric Drumset $500

Electric Piano (61 Key) $500

WELCOME WEEK September 2019 Outreach $1,500

Cups, Pens, Lanyards, Shirts $800 These are free items given to students when connecting at outreach tables.

Banners & Signage $1500

REPLACEMENT: 4 Custom stand up banners with Chi Alpha Logo and contact info. $150. each = $600.

NEW: Lawn and portable signs, announcing Chi Alpha and directions. $400

NEW: Chi Alpha Backdrop $300.

REPLACEMENT: Info cards printing. $200.

Life Group $500

Outreach materials, study guides for student led groups, also includes $20 food voucher per group. We presently have 8 student led groups that meet for relationship building, Bible Study and prayer. 

Evangelism and Discipleship Books $1,900

A complete list of reading material can be provided, but are well-known apologetic and discipleship works given to students on various topics relating to faith development.

CHI ALPHA MISSIONS 2019 MISSIONS - Baja Mexico, Delhi India, New York City

This year our missions projects are called “FOR HIM”. The SPRING BREAK trips to Baja Mexico and New York City will be focused on evangelism and humanitarian help for those who are hurting. In Mexico students will be building a house for a family living in garbage dump. The cost for the building materials for the house is $5,000, but will be priceless for the family that desperately needs one. New York will be working among the homeless in the city with food and clothing distribution, crisis counseling, street evangelism and prayer ministry. Delhi India is a 10 excursion into one of the most populated (1.3 billion) and unreached countries in the world. In January 2018, Brian Adams traveled with a National Chi Alpha team tasked in pioneering collegiate Chi Alpha ministry within the universities. A highly equipped team of Rutgers Chi Alpha students will be part of several Chi Alpha teams from the east coast traveling to equip Indian students in campus ministry. $4,000 is needing to be raised to help equip the ministry efforts in country, which is on top of the $2,300.pp. More info at: www.rutgerschialpha.com/missions/


REPLACEMENT: For MONDAY NITE LIVE media and teaching display.


REPLACEMENT: 6 Led stage UP lights.


REPLACEMENT: For MONDAY NITE LIVE media and teaching display.

Rutgers Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship House and Ministry Center $2,000,000.

The newly formed Rutgers Chi Alpha Advancement Advisory Group, has recently taken on the project of securing permanent physical space on the Rutgers College Ave Campus in New Brunswick, NJ for Chi Alpha. This facility will be the central base for all operations and ministry endeavors to the student body of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. The Chi Alpha house will be strategically located within the area of @ 80 fraternities and sororities, and will have offices, group meeting rooms, student housing, and also the identifiable location of all Chi Alpha efforts on campus.