Chi Alpha SPRING BREAK Missions “FOR HIM”

March 16-23, 2019


In 2019, Rutgers Chi Alpha will be heading to NEW YORK CITY and BAJA, MEXICO for an amazing 7 days of intense service and evangelism.

Jesus, Friends, Mission. Chi Alpha passionately believes in each person discovering for themselves their Life's MISSION, and fulfilling Christ’s MISSION for their lives. Join us by spending  a week doing something directly for Jesus.

_For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in pri.jpg


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Trip Focus: Mobile Soup Kitchen, Homeless and Drug Outreach, Evangelism, Prayer Tent, Clothing Distribution

Experience firsthand God’s heart for you, the poor, and the lost in various urban and ethnic settings. You will have the opportunity to personally care for the poor and homeless with a Mobile Resource Center. Distribute food, clothes, hygiene kits, and life to the addicted, downtrodden, and hurting. With Prayer Stations, you will engage numerous people groups about important issues of life and faith, and pray for those who are searching and, at times, broken.

Each morning will start with an intensive gathering of prayer, worship and evangelism training to prepare you for the day of ministry.

  • COST Breakdowns are included in the XA Missions Trip Details above.

  • Application & $25. Deposit Due 12.10.18

  • NYC Support Letter

TRIP PAYMENTS DUE: 1st $75. 1/7/19, 2nd $75. 1/21/19, 3rd $75. by 2/18/19, 4th 3/4/19 PAID IN FULL ($125.)


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Trip Focus: Travel 200 miles south into Baja, Mexico to build a home for a specific family living in a garbage dump. When the home is finished, you will have the opportunity to move in the single Mom/family into their home. Additional ministry opportunities the community are available, along with free time activities on the beach/hiking.

PS...this place boasts the best Tacos on the planet.

  • COST Breakdowns are included in the XA Missions Trip Details above.

  • Application & $50. Deposit Due 12.10.18

  • MEXICO Support Letter

TRIP PAYMENTS: 1st 1/7/19 $100., 2nd 1/21/19 $100., 3rd 2/11/19 $100. , 4th 2/18/19 $150. 5th 3/4/19 PAID IN FULL ($600)



EXPEDITION: Delhi, India

*Must have VALID US Passport and apply for India Visa

Trip Focus: Assist in the pioneering of Chi Alpha campus ministry in India. This may include training of Indian students in campus ministry and campus outreach.

DATES: June 3-11, 2019.

COST: Approx. @ $2300.00

Tourist eVisa: $105, Passport $110., Insurance $30.


Missions Donations can also be made directly via

VENMO: Rutgers Chi Alpha, 732-997-0636,, @rutgerschialpha

Or PAYPAL Credit/Debit


BRIAN ADAMS, Rutgers Chi Alpha Dir., is experienced in leading teams of students to several countries, including Mexico, India, Ecuador, Peru, Bahamas and Jamaica. Chi Alpha at Universities across the U.S. sends thousands of students every year all over the world in short and long term missions excursions.