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Hey...WELCOME to Chi Alpha! Let's get connected!

Chi Alpha is ALL about relationships that make a difference! 

As a student at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, here are a few steps to get that going. 

Email: We send out a weekly "What's Happening", it comes from, so check if it gets stuck in some nasty dark spam folder. :) Sign up with your BEST most checked email. A CONFIRMATION email will be sent.

FACEBOOK: We have a closed Facebook Group for current Rutgers students. This is a great current place to chat back and forth, event sign-ups, see faces, and also to connect via messenger. This group for for the "up-to-the-second" what's happening, so turn on notifications, if you are on a cell phone look for the coffee cup logo:). Also…Facebook Messanger has several group chats.

INSTAGRAM: Follow us and we will follow back :). Most event happenings are posted here on a regular basis. @rutgerschialpha

TWITTER: @rutgerschialpha

TEXT: Send a text to 732.232.7795. 


LIFE GROUPS: This is what really Chi Alpha is about, building lifelong deep family relationships that will quite frankly…change your life. Why do we say that? Simply because that’s what everyone says that is connected in one.

We also have a Facebook Page that is"liked" by people in Chi Alpha and those who are interested in the happenings of Chi Alpha without being a student.

Smoke Signals: Now admittedly not a lot of people use this way anymore....but when on campus, keep looking up to the sky in case something is posted. PS...this doesn't really work at night though. 

More INFO about WHO WE ARE